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We are your one stop full service rental company for everything weddings, private parties and business affairs! We offer custom built, fully furnished & decorated spaces for indoor venues as well as for outdoor affairs.


We have a full rental arm as well that specializes in a dining set collection with 16 different styles of dining sets to choose from, custom made farm tables, rustic bars, teak lounge sets, bistro bar tables and a wide assortment of decor & much more!


Our services also include 5 star catering, full staffing and our 3 mobile bar & ice cream experiences:

Cocktails In Tow | Bellinis & Brews
The Sangria Sidecar


If you have that very important affair coming up, our full rental catalogue & our team can execute everything, so you can sit back (or get up and dance!) and enjoy your guests and your special celebration.

Catering & Drink Carts

Celebration Lounges
Cocktails in Tow
The Sangria Sidecar
The Mint Chipper

Where We Provide Our Services

New Jersey
New York
Cape Cod
Tenting – Custom Built For Your Affair

We believe every detail should be as fashionable & tasteful as the special occasion that you are celebrating. Simply put, elevate your event & leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Celebration Lounges are custom built for the client that wants every detail covered for their affair. From the beautiful high peaked tent, right down to the mercury glass votive candles on your custom farm tables, the 5 star catering & service and everything in-between.

Cocktail Fleet

Culinary Perfection For Your Affair!

Full Catering Service Available


What’s included in a Celebration Lounge?
Included in our packages are the high peaked white tents, large oak farm tables, chiavari chairs, teak furniture with cushions & throw pillows, chestnut bar tables, bar stools, bistro lighting, dining sets/silverware/glassware, wildflower floral arrangements, mercury candles & cloth napkins. Full flooring, dance floors, heating & air conditioning systems and a wide array of other options are available to add to any tented space at an additional cost.
Tell me more about your catering.

Our 5 star catering is hands down the best around. You can choose from one of our 3 different menus. We can create that high energy heavy passed hors’ d’ oeuvres vibe, to that culinary station “eat when you feel” style or our fantastic live grille experience package, where we literally create the culinary experience live for your guests. When you choose any catering package with us, all event management, service staff and bar staff are included in our per guest pricing!

What’s included in Cocktails In Tow?

Cocktails In Tow provides:

  • the antique trailer
  • bar staff
  • all mixers
  • all garnishes
  • ice
  • all glassware
  • and non-alcoholic beverages needed to make perfect cocktails.

We also include (2) beautiful high top chestnut bistro bar tables, (8) bar stools, additional bistro lighting, seasonal wild flowers, candles and table runners to create that full bar experience surrounding our antique bar trailer.

The client simply supplies the liquor & beer. By law, we are not permitted to. We will help you create & identify the correct quantities of all spirits that will be needed for your affair. We will also help arrange the purchase & delivery of everything to your affair.

What’s Included in Bellini’s & Brews?

Bellinis & Brews provides:

  • our antique Piaggio van
  • 4 vases of fresh wildflower vases
  • bar staff
  • Ingredients for (1) specialty Prosecco cocktail
  • all garnishes
  • all glassware

The client simply provides the Prosecco or champagne, red, white or rose wine & the craft beer kegs. By law, we are not permitted to. We will help arrange delivery of the craft beer kegs, wine and the Prosecco or champagne.

What’s Included in The Sangria Sidecar?
  • our beautiful retro scooter and refrigerated sidecar
  • bar staff
  • Ingredients for (2) specialty Sangria offerings
  • all fruit & garnishes
  • ice
  • all glassware

The client simply provides the sangria or wine for us to make sangria. By law, we are not permitted to. We will help arrange delivery of the sangria and/ or wine for Sangria.

What’s included in the Mint Chipper Ice Cream Sidecar?
  • our stunning Vespa sidecar with freezer
  • an ice cream attendant
  • napkins

The client will choose what they would like to serve their guests from a wide array of throwback ice cream treats including:

  • the ice cream sandwich
  • the strawberry short cake
  • the chipwich
  • the bomb pop
  • ice cream saucer
  • the chocolate eclair & many more!

Each ice cream bar is charged at $1.00 per unit.

James Robinson
James Robinson
Culinary & Cocktail Experience Lead
Jill Earley
Jill Earley
Wedding and Private Affair Manager
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